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September 18, 2014

Energy & the Environment

Is Energy Insecurity On The Rise?

How great is this challenge and what are the economic, political, and social consequences of allowing energy insecurity to rise in America? How can policymakers measure and address this issue? Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Mark Mills led a discussion on this topic with Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina this morning at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

A Climate March With A Big Blind Spot

Lawrence Mone and Alex Armlovich, New York Daily News, September 18, 2014
With the UN climate summit set to kick off, environmental activist Bill McKibben on Sunday will lead what is being advertised as history's largest climate-change march through the streets of Manhattan. McKibben calls it "an invitation to change everything." Notably absent from McKibben's agenda is any endorsement of the one carbon-free electricity source that, unlike many other forms of alternative energy, can be affordably scaled up to power modern economies: nuclear energy. . .

Tesla Derangement Syndrome

Mark Mills,, September 18, 2014
The Tesla is no mere car. It is a movement. One prominent investment analyst told me he was subjected to a -- to use the indelicate Scottish phrase - 'shite'-storm the likes of which he'd never experienced when he'd issued an unenthusiastic analysis of Tesla. . .


Jersey Jihadist

Steven Malanga, City Journal Online, September 17, 2014
. . .Those who knew Tevlin were closer to the truth than the investigators. Three weeks after the incident, police tracked down Tevlin's alleged killer, Ali Muhammad Brown, living in a wooded area not far from where he'd shot the former Seton Hall Prep lacrosse player. Fingerprints that Brown had left on several items he'd stolen but later discarded led investigators to Seattle, where they learned that he was wanted for several killings. . .

Fox Radio's "The John Gibson Show" will interview at 2:20 p.m. ET today

Economy & Finance

The Rates Are Too Damn High

Jared Meyer, Washington Examiner, September 18, 2014
"The rates are too damn high!" Many people in Washington, D.C. heard that phrase shouted into a megaphone last week by a man on a float cruising the streets of our nation's capital. The man with the megaphone was not talking about America's highest-in-the-OECD corporate tax rates, nor was he referring to the national unemployment rate. He was lambasting the rates charged by the popular ridesharing company Uber, a technology company that provides a platform to connect private drivers and riders. . .

Income Inequality In America

CC-TV's "The Heat" will interview Scott Winship at 1 p.m. ET today

State and Local Budgets

Health Care

Federal Report: Is Still Not Secure

FBN's "The Willis Report" interviewed Paul Howard, 9-17-14


What's The Matter With Cajon High?

Ben Boychuk, Riverside Press-Enterprise, September 17, 2014
A Filipino math teacher at a San Bernardino high school allegedly refers to her black students as "n-----s." A black student naturally takes offense and complains to the school's administration. The school investigates and puts the teacher on administrative leave. The story blows up in the local news. Some former students and parents rally to the teacher's defense. . .

Higher Education

How To Fix The Skills Gap

Daniel Bennett,, September 17, 2014
It's definitely true, as Tom Friedman recently noted, that many graduates don't possess the skills that today's employers seek. Thankfully, some colleges have taken notice. They're trying to address the skills gap either by boosting faculty-student mentorship programs or partnering with employers to better prepare students for the workforce. . .

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